Persona 4 Analyzer

The fusion helper application for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4


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Important: In order to run this application you must have the .NET 3.5 SP1 framework installed. The setup will check if you have it installed and should offer a download if it can't find it. If you downloaded the ZIP Package you must check yourself!

GUI-Screenshots - Search Personas GUI-Screenshots - Create A Persona

Since I had to learn VB.NET anyway as part of my school subjects, I decided to do my first steps by coding a useful Persona Anaylzer for my favorite game series! I had the idea floating around since I was using FES Anaylzer made by ForteSOmega. Really liked the idea and search options and reverse fusions were a big help. There were some features I missed like showing pictures of Personas and some kind of custom skill fusion help. After a month of exzessive coding here's the result.


  • Showing Personas in pictures
  • Reverse Triangle/Normal Fusions Support
  • Some help to decide what fusion combination to use for best result
  • Complex Search options and filtering (Skills, Inheritance, Level...)
  • Links to important Persona Ressources like FAQs and stuff

To Do List:

  • Include Special Fusions
  • Extensive skill fusion help, example: You want Alice with Victory cry - best way to achieve that?
  • Include fusion recipes (example: Tri-Auto -Personas, 4-Elemental Personas)
  • Show statistics (Str,End,Mag..) in columns chart instead of numbers
  • Code optimization / Bugfixing




(26.09.2009) v.1.1
New Features:
Now when you choose a certain skill in Create-A-Persona Mode, Skill-rank will be displayed too (like "Tetrakern (7)")
For fusion, skills with lower ranks are more likely to be inherited than higher rank skills:
This means when you have 2 passive skills like Tetrakern(7) and Elec Boost, most of the time you will end up with Elec Boost(1) on your new Persona after shuffeling.

- Corrected Skill Description for Dark/Light Skills
- Took out Hells and God Judgement from Skill-Search. No personas has them anyway.
- Fixed Heaven's Blade and God's Hand Skill search error
- Fonts fixed - now evrything should be displayed ok


(24.09.2009) Initial Release of Persona 4 Anaylzer



25.September 2009

- Persona 4 Analyzer released!